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New!  North Carolina Mining License Plate!  Place Your Order Today!

 You did it!  You asked for a specialized North Carolina license plate to commemorate the state's mining heritage.  Well, the North Carolina Legislature approved it, passed a bill and now it's time to apply for the North Carolina Mining Tag!  

 We need 300 completed and paid applications before manufacturing begins.  Take a look at the proposed design.  It's colorful and says we're proud of our mining heritage in North Carolina.  Download the PDF file, fill it out, write your check to the North Carolina Gold Foundation ($20 or $50 depending upon your choice of tag type) and mail to us.  Once we have 300 paid applications, we will send them to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.  They will approve, or possibly "tweak" the tag design and begin manufacturing the plate.

 Please keep in mind, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will contact you regarding your purchase of the new tag.  Their regulations apply, as always, and when your current tag is close to expiration, their office will contact you.  In the meantime, if you have questions, contact us at 800-959-9033.

To apply, complete the application and mail to the address on the form. For more information on obtaining this tag please call the Gold Foundation at 800-959-9033  or email donmarkum@charter.net

NC Gold Mining License Plate


 Starting in 2004, the NCGF has hosted the "NC GOLD FESTIVAL, a McDowell County Tradition in McDowell County. The festival will serve as a promotional tool to help raise awareness of the "hidden treasures of McDowell County." The Festival will also help foster partnerships with local businesses, surrounding county businesses and regional groups interested in promoting the captivating history of the area using the gold prospecting heritage as a catalyst.

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